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Pre & Post Surgical Support

A supportive bridge between energy medicine and the medical profession

Surgical support involves conscious and purposeful protocols that bring balance and harmony to clients and prepares the human energy structure before and during surgical procedures, and support recovery after. 

What you can expect

  • Energetic attunement to support the body’s acceptance of anesthesia, drugs, implants, stints, and metal pin.

  • Use of energy generators to insure the patient is receiving the resources they need before, during, and after surgery. 

  • Tracking the surgery to follow and support the client’s needs in real time, and respond to changes as things progress. 

  • Practitioner maintains strict energetic hygiene protocols during surgery to maintain a safe and supportive field. 

  • Post-operative support protocols include regular check ins, and ongoing energetic work to assist in the healing process. 

Client Testimonials

"All of my sessions with Kate have been healing. From my pre and post-surgery prep to align my body energetically with all the healthcare staff and medicines and recovery. My surgery was a great success even in the midst of a snowstorm which I think Kate helped me in getting to the hospital safely.    


I have had energetic clearings when I did not feel right. Kate was able to find out what imbalances I had and most importantly how to bring me back in balance. For me, receiving energetic support feels like you have had a transformational shower after you are done."


NC / Arvigo Practitioner / MA

"I first worked with Kate when she was doing her CI training. At the time, our work together began as curiosity on my part and her need to apply her learning. I had been in PT for an ankle injury that did not seem to be healing as well as had been expected. We had been focusing on exercises to support the muscles around injured ligaments. Through our work together, Kate determined that I needed to ask the PT to focus on the fibula, a bone that runs from ankle up the leg. It turned out that the bone had a very, very slight dislocation and that was the source of pain! The PT was able to manipulate the bone gently back in place, tape it up and work on strength to keep the bone in place.

More recently, I needed to have two surgeries separated by a week, where a medical device would be put in my body. I knew I wanted Kate to be part of my support team. She worked with me before, during and after both surgeries. While I do not fully understand CI, I can say things went more smoothly than I expected and I felt the universe was supporting my healing. Kate attuned the medical devices that were to be used as well as all medications that were anticipated to be used. I get nauseous from many medications and anesthesia. At my first surgery, they changed from what I had been told I would receive to using Versed for sedation. This made me very nauseous and as soon as I was able to update Kate, she used her CI skills to dissipate this. After the second surgery, which had no variation from plan, the medication she attuned all worked well and I felt much more comfortable. She was available by phone, email and text throughout the process and I would not hesitate recommending her highly to anyone!"

AK / Hospice Volunteer Coordinator / MA

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine surgical protocols were developed by Desda Zuckerman.  All Rights Reserved.

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