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Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine

Allowing for the Possibilities

We are more than our physical bodies. We have an energetic complex structure that stretches out far beyond our bodies and is in need of the same care and attention as our physical selves. Energy healing is an opportunity to support and help activate an overall sense of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. This transformational shift may be what the entire structure has been seeking and hasn’t found.


Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a gentle and powerful technique for the health and wellness

of our entire energy structure. Practitioner and client work in partnership. The techniques used have been fine-tuned so that the journey as your authentic self is fully supported. Practitioner-taught meditations include energetic hygiene practices so that your efforts are never compromised.

What I most value about Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is the partnership with the client as we work together to help achieve your goals. The modality is both diverse and specific in order to meet the multi-dimensional needs of where people are at in a given point in time. I provide effective protocols, insightful dowsing, and transformational visualizations.

                                                                                                                   Kate Zehnter, M.Ed.

Why I love this work

Client Testimonials

"I felt very safe to share personal information with Kate and receive the energy medicine healing process I invited. You have a gift for healing and ministering to one’s needs. I feel I learned a lot about something very new and unknown to me. Thank you again for your time and sensitive gentle way."      


JP / Nurse / MA



"Since our second session I am doing well. Some challenging opportunities presented themselves for me to stand up and put myself first instead of setting myself aside to accommodate others.

Also, after our session, my very painful low back issues were alleviated to a great degree and I have continued to recover and get stronger every day. I guess my mobility is returning on many levels! Isn't that great! I still remain calm, collected and quietly strong. You brought a deep shift and healing to me and I am so grateful.”    


CL / Retired / FL

"I felt a definite release of old-time resentments towards my siblings. It has been easier to accept them for who they are and not set expectations that will then be unsatisfied. I have recommended that my husband and friends take the opportunity to work with Kate.”     


KS / Financial Planner / MA

"...a few days after I experienced severe vertigo. When Kate Zehnter saw me, my dizziness had already stopped due to medical intervention, but my mind was still reeling from having experienced such a traumatic event and my body was still trying to cope with all the medication I had received to treat my symptoms. During my session, I felt as though Kate Zehnter was able to use her energy work to align the medical treatment I received with my body's natural healing ability, resulting in a recovery process that was more fine-tuned to my specific needs."

KB / Horticulturalist / MA  

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine originated with clairvoyant energy healer Desda Zuckerman and is taught and explored through Sacred Anatomy Academy in Novato, CA.

Image ©2012 Desda Zuckerman, Your Sacred Anatomy. All Rights Reserve.

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