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Space & Land Clearing

You may have found the perfect environment or location -a place that meets all your needs- and still the vibrational energy doesn’t feel in harmony with your own vibrations or purpose. The relationship with your space or place has not been established for many reasons and all may be solvable energetically.

Working in partnership with a trained Space Clearing Practitioner allows for the innate potential of the owner and place to align with the vibrations of each other. Releasing the previous owners imprint and establishing an energetic, sustainable support system to deal with the electromagnetic fields can also create a harmonious relationship allowing for the environment within to operate in sync with the surroundings and proprietor.

Space clearing for house, home and office include:

  • Energetic hygiene for the presence of electromagnetic fields in your location

  • Language that enhances positive relationships with the environment

  • Ways to grow and support your vision

Client Testimonials

"The land clearing Kate did has been beneficial on numerous levels. The land itself feels protected, there is more wildlife, my relationship with my neighbors has changed for the better and the land feels magically healed. Another reason I love working with Kate is you participate in your own healing.


Kate is a skilled teacher. Her energetic hygiene self-care techniques have helped me take care of myself. Kate is truly a gifted healer and you will absolutely benefit from her wise intuitive healing sessions."

NC / Arvigo Practitioner / MA

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