Energy Medicine

                       with Kate Zehnter

Allowing for the Possibilities

         “And the day came when the risk to

        remain tight in a bud was more

              painful than the risk it took to

      blossom. For many this isn’t an easy

      undertaking to do alone"

                                              - Anais Nin


                   is a healing practice dedicated to the growth and

            transformation of all.  Kate Zehnter, M.Ed., has spent

       the past 40+ years learning, facilitating, and teaching in

     the fields of art therapy, sacred ceremony, energy medicine,

  and end of life support. 


Bringing her breadth of wisdom to bear, Kate interweaves her

  multi-disciplinary expertise to offer health and healing, deep

         grounding, transformation, and creative learning space

               for every stage of life. 


              Our deepest healing usually comes from within and

                  requires us to allow the possibility that we are

        more than we think we are. 

Client Testimonials

"Thank you for the time, love and effort you put forth to help in my healing. I felt safe and nurtured as I faced the most frightening and painful experience."  


DB / Yoga Instructor / MA


"The land clearing Kate did has been beneficial on numerous levels. The land itself feels protected, there is more wildlife, my relationship with my neighbors has changed for the better, and the land feels magically healed."


NC / Arvigo Practitioner / MA

"Kate has helped my health with her healing therapies many times over the past few years. Her amazing skills combine both her training and her intuition and have proven to be effective in building my immunity, clearing blockages, as well as dispersing the negative side effects of a common cold. I would highly recommend her treatments."


EP / Handwriting Analyst / Scituate MA